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Susan O'Connor's Game-Writing Masterclass


Hank (Detroit: Become Human) GLaDOS (Portal) and Atlas (Bioshock) get stuck in an elevator.


A story pitch created from a selection of three random mechanics (shooting, powering and nurturing).


 Writing characters of different statuses in the same situation: An experiment with character voice.


A flowchart created for a puzzle-driven Twine game.

Interactive Writing

Branching Narratives Made in Twine



A girl is lost between the desires of her parent and partner.

Humor, Suspense


A young woman accepts a dicey job from a famous artist.


Gold Star

A passive-aggressive AI helps you find your path in life.

Family Drama

The Only Constant

A dysfunctional family has teatime.

Writing Exercises


Potential barks for a Detective RPG:

Play a detective who’s been summoned to a small town with a recent string of murders.

Item Descriptions

Item descriptions for 10 different kinds of swords.

Narrative Design Document

Dysfunctional human teens attend a school for angels: A draft narrative design document detailing the key characters, world and subplots.


Narrative-Driven Games Made in Unity

Cat's Eye Castle Thumbnail

Jatega Classified

A puzzle-centric detective game with visual novel elements.

Cat's Eye Castle

A fantasy puzzle game about the hearts of children.

Jatega Classified Thumbnail

Double-Edged Chord

My Prototype Master's Game with Online Multiplayer


Play as a pair of rival musicians in this two-player, story-driven adventure. Explore dungeons, solve puzzles and battle enemies in musical combat to escape a series of deadly nightmares.

Note: Double-Edged Chord is still a prototype. It is awaiting several updates to its writing, narrative pacing, graphics and gameplay.


An Existential Motion Comic

A motion comic about a duck, a dream, and his long-suffering family.


Crest's Little Voice

A children's book by Kim Morgan. Illustrations, narration and trailer by me.

“We're all like leaves, aren't we?” Papa said. “Different shapes and colours but together a beautiful tree.”

Crest’s Little Voice is a story about diversity and inclusion.
It is a story about being kind, brave and speaking up.

Digital Art

Illustrations as seen on my Instagram

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